Mum savagely tricks son into cleaning his bedroom using ‘mice poo’ and it works

Mum savagely tricks son into cleaning his bedroom using ‘mice poo’ and it works

Mum Sue Inness grew frustrated with her son Lachlan’s messy bedroom – so she decided to enlist Uncle Ben to help convince the 22-year-old that enough was enough

Any parent will tell you that trying to get your kids to keep on top of their rooms is a challenging and thankless task – which is something Sue Inness knows all too well.

In fact, 51-year-old Sue, who hails from Melbourne, Australia, grew so frustrated son Lachlan’s filthy bedroom that she decided to have a little fun of her own.

Following a little bit of encouragement from her sister, Sue decided to enlist the help of Uncle Ben to convince the 22-year-old to get cleaning.

“I was tearing my hair out. His room had been untidy for a while and as a parent you feel like you’re banging your head against a brick wall telling them to clean it up,” Sue recalled.

“At first I resorted to just shutting his door so I couldn’t see it but then I thought ‘no I’ve had enough’. I was speaking to my sister and she told me I need the help of Uncle Ben.”

The mum-of-three used black grains from an Uncle Ben’s brown, red and wild rice medley packet to dupe her son into believing his messy room had become so unclean that mice had taken over – planting dropping-like grains in places he would notice them.

Finally after three days of secret rice planting, Lachlan set about tidying his room, making the bed, disinfecting the surfaces and putting all dirty and clean clothes away and to the wash.

“I had no idea what she was talking about at first but then she told me to sprinkle a bit of the wild rice around his room. I picked out the black grains so they would look like mice droppings,” Sue continued.

“When I heard him tidying his room I did a silent fist pump into the air with victory.”

Sue, who works as a school assistant, then decided to share her parenting win in a Facebook cleaning group, and people were absolutely amazed, with the post racking up more than 60,000 likes.

But despite her victory, Sue was nervous about coming clean to Lachlan who thankfully saw the funny side when he realised he’d been tricked.

“I told my husband what I was doing just so he knew but I kept it top secret otherwise. Lachlan didn’t even notice at first so I kept sprinkling a little bit more each day in places he would notice like by his aftershave or on the bedside table,” she said.

“Then finally on the third day I could hear him cleaning and getting all the cleaning products out. I would 100 percent recommend doing this to other mums it’s the best $2.40 I’ve ever spent – buying a packet of rice is much cheaper than a cleaner!”