Woman slammed for forcing husband to ditch his elderly cat in favour of her dog

Woman slammed for forcing husband to ditch his elderly cat in favour of her dog

A woman on Reddit has been branded “selfish” for making her husband send his 18-year-old cat to a shelter after the feline failed to bond with her three-year-old dog

The debate between cat people and dog people has been going on for decades – but one woman has taken things to the next level by demanding her husband get rid of his cat in favour of her dog.

The woman explained in a Reddit post that she moved in with her husband a year ago, and while she brought her three-year-old American Bully – which is a cross between an American Pit bull Terrier and an American Staffordshire Terrier – her spouse brought his 18-year-old cat.

She said that while the couple initially tried to slowly introduce the two furry friends, they didn’t get along – and the woman claims the cat is the aggressor.

The woman wrote: “Me and my husband have been living together for one year. When we moved in together, I brought my three-year-old American Bully, while he brought his 18-year-old cat.

“We tried to introduce them to one another by initially separating them, then by introducing them to each other’s smells, followed by letting them see each other whilst at a safe distance.

“They appeared to get along, but after a day, the cat began making its dislike for the dog very clear.

“In response to this, we’ve taken to keeping the cat and dog separated by gates when there is no one around to supervise them.

“When we’re around, we splash them with a small amount of water if the cat begins to ‘fight’ with the dog, which worked for a while, until recently, when the cat became relentless in its efforts to go after the dog, even after being splashed with water.”

The woman also explained she is currently expecting a baby, so is worried the cat could become aggressive toward the new arrival.

The mum-to-be spoke to her husband about re-homing the cat and the couple argued “virtually non-stop” about the subject for days – until her spouse eventually relented and took his moggy to a cat sanctuary.

She wrote: “I brought up the idea of taking the cat to a cat sanctuary, where it would hopefully be able to find a new home, in a relaxing environment and without fear of being euthanised.

“We can’t take it to any family members, since his family is refusing to have the cat, and my family is in the UK.

“We argued virtually nonstop about this for days, until my husband finally agreed to take his cat to said cat sanctuary. However, he is still pretty upset with me.

“I feel really bad for my husband, however, I do feel like it was the right decision, not only for the dog, but our future baby.”

But the woman has been slammed by more than 2,000 people online for her decision – with many calling her “horrid” and “selfish”.

One person wrote: “You are so horrid I cannot even … This cat has maybe a year left in his life, and instead of living with his human you sent him away to die without his family.”

While another added: “It’s an 18-year-old cat. Not only is it incredibly unlikely to find a new home but think about how stressful that would be for the poor thing.

“Please go back and save his cat. I’d honestly never forgive you if I was in his shoes.”

And a third said: “I honestly would have left the marriage over this. Not even sorry. She should know how much that cat means to him with her selfish self.”

Others called for the woman to rehome her dog, but she insisted she would have done so if her dog was the aggressor.

Replying to one comment, she wrote: “I didn’t rehome the cat because I had a problem with cats. I like cats. The issue was how the cat was acting around the dog. Had the roles been reversed, then I would have rehomed my dog.”