Fans claim Squid Game spoiler in episode 5 of hit show ‘ruins the ending’

Fans claim Squid Game spoiler in episode 5 of hit show ‘ruins the ending’

The hit Netflix show Squid Game has captured the attention of millions – but now eagle-eyed fans claim they spotted a spoiler that hinted at what was to come

If you haven’t finished watching Squid Game, look away now – there are spoilers ahead.

If you have watched the hit South Korean horror – did you notice any clues in the show that hinted at what would happen next?

Many of us weren’t quick enough to notice the tiny details, but some eagle-eyed viewers were apparently clever enough.

One viral TikTok left viewers stunned – as it appears the ending may have been forshadowed as far back as episode five.

In the episode, the contestants are forced to form teams consisting of ten members – and they only have ten minutes to do.

Most of the smaller groups are forced to form bigger ones – leading to some rather tense negotiations over who will join who.

Sang-woo isn’t impressed – as Gi-hun pairs up with player 001, while Sae-byeok recruits another woman.

But they’re forced to forge ahead as the time limit runs out, and they discover they are set to play Tug of War.

On their way up, player 001 recalls that he played the game a lot in his childhood – and claims he’d always win, thanks to his superior strategy.

We never learn if it was his idea for the team to move three steps forward or not – but viewers were left distracted by something else.

Before the game starts, each player is attached to the rope by a handcuff, which is then padlocked.

But some fans claim player 001’s handcuff didn’t have a padlock – meaning he could have possibly escaped his untimely death if his team lost.

In the final episode, we discover player 001 is a billionaire who entered the game out of boredom after years of watching as a VIP.

He was escorted from the game back to the real world after losing in marbles.

So fans theorise that he may have been able to escape the game at any point – as he wasn’t playing by the same rules.

A TikTok discussing the theory went viral, with more than 13.4 million views.

One person disagreed, writing: “You can’t tell because of this angle, maybe he did have locks. He said watching would never be as fun as playing.”

Another wrote: “For all those saying he is locked up, he is not. He is chained but all the chains have a silver lock on. He doesn’t have a silver lock.”

A third added: “So you’re telling me the ending was ruined halfway through the show.”