Children’s alphabet playmat leaves adults baffled over questionable illustration

Children’s alphabet playmat leaves adults baffled over questionable illustration

Reddit users are confused by a children’s playmat that features a picture of an animal for each letter of the alphabet – but can you figure out the questionable drawings?

When it comes to teaching children the alphabet, a common method uses toys to assign a simple word to each letter through the use of pictures.

But one children’s alphabet playmat has left adults baffled, as one particular illustration used seems to be unrecognisable.

In a post on Reddit, one user shared a photo of the playmat which features drawings of animals for every letter of the alphabet.

And although it’s obvious to adults that O is for owl and S is for sheep, one letter has people on Reddit completely stumped – the letter U.

In the picture, the letter seems to be accompanied by a blob with a smiley face drawn on, and looks more like a drawing of a germ than an animal.

The person who posted the picture asked: “What’s the ‘U’ on this kids carpet?”

After thousands of adults spent hours being baffled by the picture, the most likely answer was eventually decided to be an urchin.

One person said: “Urchin, but it’s so poorly designed.”

While another agreed, adding: “Urchin, as in Sea Urchin. The spiky fellas that live in the sea.”

But the logical response didn’t stop people from having fun with their own humorous replies.

Someone posted: “Ugly.”

And a second joked: “Underwear stain?”

Before a third said: “Uranus. Don’t you see the brown star?”

While someone else posted: “UV rays.”

There was even more confusion over other letters of the alphabet too, as the picture for X was a fish which left others unsure what it was supposed to be depicting.

One person asked: “How about wtf is X? Xpine?”

But another quickly helped them out, writing: “X-ray fish, odd as it seems.”

Others were baffled by the bird pictured under the letter Q before being told it was a quail, while more commenters pointed out that the wolf drawn for W looks more like a fox.

There was also confusion over the newt drawn for N, the iguana for I, and the yak for Y.

Good luck, kids.