Two men scrap at cash machine as onlookers just stand by and film it on their phones

Two men scrap at cash machine as onlookers just stand by and film it on their phones

Footage showing the two men wrestling outside an HSBC branch in East Ham, London, has gone viral on social media with people shocked that no one stepped in to help out

Two men have been filmed fighting at a cash machine while shockingly onlookers just watch and record it without trying to intervene.

The footage in east London has gone viral with many on social media slamming those watching the scrap without trying to help out.

But there is some doubt over whether it really was an attempted robbery as police have not yet received any official complaint.

The two men were wrestling outside an HSBC branch in East Ham on what police believe was Monday.

The clip shows people just watching on during the pushing and shoving at the cash machine.

One man seems to be trying to use the machine and pushing away the other who is also grappling with him.

On Twitter one person asked: “Who’s robbing who here? Why no punching, tripping over or beating? Doesn’t make much sense to me.”

Most people on social media were amazed that no one tried to intervene.

A tweet said: “So not ONE person thought to intervene? Just standing there filming?! This is madness!!!!”

Another put it: “That is maddening to see, I appreciate people get worried, but surely someone could have attempted some sort of intervention, geez.”

Most frustration was targeted at the people filming what happened.

“Two lads filming could be helping,” said a Twitter user.

Another agreed: “It’s the generation we live in now. They would post it online and say how angry they are.”

As it was just wrestling some people felt that it wasn’t a robbery.

“I don’t think this is a random robbery , both blokes know each other and they are probably trying to both take the cash hence why no real violence apart from some sh**** dancing,” another person tweeted.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police told The Sun Online: “On the evening of Monday, 27 September, police were made aware of a video on social media appearing to show a robbery at a cashpoint in East Ham.

“Enquiries were carried out and it does not appear the initial incident had been reported to officers.

“We have made contact with the person who uploaded the video and are waiting for them to provide further details.”